Deyang was founded as a municipality in 1983, with Jingyang District, Guanghan City, Shifang City, Mianzhu City, Zhongjiang County and Luojiang County under its administration. It covers an area of 5,954 square kilometers and is inhabited by a population of 3.91 million. In 2013 Deyang achieved more than 139.6 billion yuan worth of total output value, more than 28 billion yuan worth of financial revenue, 10,094yuan as farmers’ per-capita income and 24,701 yuan as urban inhabitants’ disposable personal income.

As a key industrial city in Sichuan Province, Deyang has become China’s national manufacturing base for heavy and huge technical machinery equipment. A group of heavy duty manufacturing enterprises like China National Erzhong Group Co., Ltd, Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd, Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd and Chuanyou Guanghan Honghua Co., Ltd are among first-class enterprises of its kind in China or famous throughout the world, with the production capability of the electrical power equipment ranking the first in the world for several consecutive years and the export volume of the oil-drilling rig of Honghua Company ranking the first in domestic market. Chemical industrial enterprises represented by Jinlu Group, Honda Group, Lomon Group and Meifeng Company are listed among 100 top enterprises of its kind in Sichuan Province. Meanwhile, with a long history of foodstuff industry, the key foodstuff enterprises like Jiannanchun Group, Blue Sword Group and Shifang Cigarette Plant has created over 50 kinds of national famous food brands.

Located in the irrigated area of Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Deyang has a favorable environment for agricultural production, which qualifies it a national breeding base for livestock and poultry, a provincial export base for quality lean pork and a provincial production base for high-quality grain and edible oil. Ten bases for high-quality agricultural produce and sideline products have taken shape in terms of vegetable, pork, poultry, edible fungus, medicinal herbs and so on. A batch of agricultural brands like Chuanliang Rice, Yihai Food & Oil and Mingyang Seed have got their fame known wide and far.

Deyang, as “China’s Top Tourist City”, is richly endowed with tourist resources, such as Sanxingdui, the site of the ancient Shu cultural relics, which is the source of the Yangtze River civilization, Deyang Confucian Temple, which is No. 1 in West China and No. 3 of its kind in the country and Mianzhu New Year Pictures, which is one of the 4 schools of new year pictures in China. Furthermore, a group of humane and nutural scenic spots are of great value to be tapped, like the Memorial Temple to Pangtong, which is the ruins of Three-kingdom Period, the Town of Morality and Filial Piety, the Memorial Hall to Super Hero Huang Jiguang and the Yinghua Mountains.

Deyang is featured by the advanced economic development in the counties and cities under its administration and a high level of urban and rural integrity. Lying in a beautiful environment, Deyang is a provincial garden-like city whose eco-renovation works on the banks of Jinghu Lake is conferred the award of China’s Model City for Human Habitat. Shifang City, Mianzhu City, Jingyang District and Guanghan City are listed among the Top 10 Counties of Sichuan Province, while Zhongjiang County being entitled the National Grain Yielding Leading County and Luojiang County among the forefront counties located in hilly lands in terms of per capita financial strength.

Deyang is opening up to the world as well as other regions in China. So far, Deyang has forged trade relationships with over 30 countries and regions, and has established sister-city relationships with 6 cities in the U. S. A, Japan, Germany, Russia, Spain and Finland respectively as well as 22 domestic cities.