Young People from Deyang and Taiwan Build a “On-Cloud” Bridge of Friendship across the Taiwan Straits
Release time: 2020-12-14 source:德阳市政府 Browse times: font size:A+ A- Printing

Recently, a “Cloud Connection · Youth Discussion—On-Cloud Friendship Exchange for Young People from Deyang and Taiwan” was held in the Deyang Cross-strait Youth Pioneer Park (Phase II). More than 50 young people from Deyang and Yunlin built a bridge to strengthen ties via video connection.

At 14:30, young entrepreneurs of Deyang and representatives of Cross-strait Youth Pioneer Park gathered together. At the other end of the screen were representatives of Yunlin Cross-strait Association for Youth Development and entrepreneurs. The deep feelings of “All in the Family” across the Taiwan Straits pervaded the venue. KMT's Yunlin County Branch Director Hsu Yu-chen attended the event and made an address.

In the exchange and sharing, Ding Yang, Deputy Secretary General of Deyang Youth Entrepreneurs Association introduced to young Yunlin people Deyang's long history, cultural deposits, cityscape, and future opportunities, and presented the real objects of Sanxingdui bronzes articles and creative products, Mianzhu New Year Pictures, Jiannanchun Liquor, Zhongjiang Noodles and other cultural name cards, and rolled the cigars on the spot, enabling Taiwan youths to know Deyang more. At the session of Yunlin, the chief of Yunlin Cross-strait Association for Youth Development introduced the characteristic industries of culture and tourism in Yunlin. Cooking Good Coffee and making black garlic were demonstrated on the spot. Young people were attracted by each other's city enchantment.

Entrepreneurship was a hot topic of concern among these young people. Xu Yuanshun, Chief Executive Officer of Deyang Cross-strait Youth Pioneer Park, introduced the development of the Park and the support policies for Taiwan's young people to start a business in Deyang. Young representatives from the two places shared their entrepreneurial experiences and stories. Thanks to the on-the-spot communication, young people of Yunlin deepened their understanding of Deyang and expressed their expectation to start up business in Deyang.

    The event organizer said that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was the first time for Deyang and Taiwan to communicate via video connection. Through this event, young people from Deyang and Taiwan would interact more in innovation and entrepreneurship, laying a foundation for future exchanges. (Reporter: Li Han)

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